Devenir l'Architecte de Sa Vie avec la Gestalt-thérapie

Site de Catherine LOURY dite ILIONA, Gestalt thérapeute
Membre Titulaire retraitée de la Société Française de Gestalt (SFG)




Catherine Loury dite Iliona, Paris, France, is a photographer and an SFG (Société Francaise de Gestalt) -accredited Gestalt Therapist in psychotherapy, who has worked in an existential- and phenomenologically-oriented private practice since 1997, with individuals (adults) and groups, doing psychotherapy, supervision, and coaching. She has also taught workshops since 2013 about “Gestalt Therapeutic Photography” (using Therapeutic Photography within a therapy practice — which she clarifies as being “different from the usual kind of PhotoTherapy practices”). For example she gave a workshop (in English) in 2013, in Poland, for the 11th Conference of the European Association for Gestalt Therapy (EAGT) — titled “Gestalt Approach of Therapeutic Photography in Psychotherapy” — in which she explained her perspective that “the act of making a photographic image is the therapy itself, with the therapist involved at any stage of that process”. In 2014 she gave two workshops (in French) for Gestalt psychotherapists, trainers, and supervisors: one about using cameras to improve self-confidence, and the other one about using cameras to increase commitment. From her own experience using Therapeutic Photography in various types of contexts (organizational consulting in the early 1990s, individual psychotherapy since 2010, coaching of photographers since 2012, and self improvement since 2008) she has created several workshops, two of whose descriptions in English can be read here and here;